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dear everyone who says he’s a good person

he also punched goofy too, what an imbecile.

Canada can take him back anytime now

hey i hate justin bieber too, and he has done a lot of that. but some of these points are very misleading and do not really tell the whole side of some stories.. even then, yes he is a stuck up douchebag. but there are also some nice things people do, including justin. i find this post very fucking ignorant because we could poke fingers at anyone and turn the world against them. (keep in mind i say this even though i hate justin)

i love u nat

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She’s mad, but she’s magic.

Charles Bukowski

Everything you love is here

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Im no longer in love.

There’s something he took away from me. That something… i dont know what it is so i could i know how to fix it. Im blank, not worse nor better. I know there’s something inside me that’s missing, i just couldn’t  pinpoint what that is. something important and vital that i have lived with it for years and every night i cry because im a fucking train wreck borderline stupid cunt. ugh… i never really expected this shit to happen to me.

i loved him, i really did. and when i broke up with him it was painful but i got through it, but with that feeling for him wasnt there anymore, there was something inside that i felt was wrong and missing. what is that? i dont know either.

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The ones who have trouble sleeping at night are the ones with nothing worth waking up for.

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